Easy Clean

The Easy Clean System comes as standard across the entire Celsius range.

What is the Easy Clean System?

A system for converting ordinary glass into ‘Non-Stick’, Easy to Clean Glass.

What does it mean for my conservatory?

  • Stays cleaner longer because it keeps dirt and other contaminates from bonding to it.
  • Is easier to maintain because it requires less cleaning. It will reduce cleaning by as much as 70% over standard glass.*
  • Does not support adhesion or growth of bacteria, for a more hygienic environment.
  • Protects the surface from organic and inorganic contamination.
  • Resists staining from hard water deposits whilst maintaining a pristine appearance.
  • Eliminates the need for harsh or abrasive cleaning products.


Easy Clean CoatingThe picture to the left shows a single pane of glass, which has been treated on the left hand side only with our Easy Clean coating.

Easy Clean beads water droplets for the first few weeks following installation, proof of the product having been applied.

The blue tint of Celsius One and Celsius Elite glass also emphasises the natural colours of the sky.

*For units installed prior to April 2012, the reduction is as much as 50% over standard glass.