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 Selection advice


This section will help you understand what factors need to be considered in order to choose the right conservatory roof and glass for you.

Choosing the right conservatory roof

Tip1 - Choosing the appropriate roof for your conservatory is an important decision and with all the issues that need to be considered, not an easy one to make. As a generalisation conservatory designers will concern themselves with the appearance, architects with specification and builders with what they are familiar with or what is easiest for them to install! So try to get some independent advice. it’s a good idea to discuss with friends and neighbours the experiences they may have had with a conservatory roof, or with an installation company that works with different materials and has no axe to grind over a specific solution. Also think about the conservatory positioning, for example: North-facing Conservatories will be cooler, South-facing Conservatories will gain more heat, East-facing Conservatories catch the early morning sun, while West-facing Conservatories are best for afternoons and evenings. These factors should all contribute to the type of roof you wish to install and the glass type. The appearance of the roof will be the most important issue for many people and if your conservatory is a major investment, don’t penny-pinch by installing a cheap roof especially if you want to use your conservatory all year round. A low cost roof might be cheaper to install, but in the long-term your running costs may be more expensive as your heating bills will be higher in the winter. What’s more, during hot summer months the conservatory may become too hot and uncomfortable to spend time in, especially if you have a South-facing conservatory.

Tip2 - Is a Bigger conservatory better? Once you’ve decided on the design and size of your new conservatory, check to ensure it will complement your home and doesn’t take up your entire garden. Treat it as a fluid extension to your home, rather than just an add-on.

Tip3 - Position is key! Bear in mind the aspect of your conservatory. Conservatories that face South receive the most sun and as such, the need for adequate ventilation and blinds is crucial compared to a North-facing conservatory. The type of roof and glass you install has to include thought on position, rather than simply the visuals you like if you wish to use the space successfully all year round.

Choosing the right glazing options
The decisions for glazing are closely linked to the choices for the roof itself.  With many options available, it can be confusing. Here’s a basic list to consider when choosing your glazing options:

Tip1 - Think about the type of glazing you’d like to use. Normal glass and polycarbonate will allow solar heat to penetrate into your conservatory, raising the inside temperature on hot summer days. To avoid this, whilst reducing heat loss in winter, opt for a high performance glass.

Tip2 - Consider the visual impact.  How your conservatory looks is key, as it needs to complement your existing home and enhance it. Therefore as much time needs to be spent on designing an aesthetically pleasing glass arrangement as does other features on the build. You may be happy with clear glass for the side windows and top opening windows, however it may be worth looking at other options available to add a personalised finish. Double glazed units are available in bevelled, coloured and even leaded glass designs. Bevelled glass can give the impression of contour and depth, while leaded glass can seamlessly transition the main building into the new. Coloured glass in a variety of appealing shades can be subtly added to the border or positioned in the centre of the unit to create stunning effects.

Tip3 - This leads on to what are the technical features of the glass? Solar control roof glass properties work in two ways; in summer it reduces unwanted heat gain, yet in winter it reduces unwanted heat loss. This feature is due to the original glass treatment. From the outside, firstly, the glass contains properties which reflect unwanted summer rays from entering your conservatory and causing it to overheat. The inside of the glass has been treated in such a way that reduces the amount of heat radiation and therefore heat loss. Our solar control roof glass also absorbs heat as it tries to pass back through the glass using refraction and reflects it back into your room.

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