PVC-U Triple Glazing

Triple glazed windows are among the most energy efficient available on the market! There are many options available to create a triple glazing effect from PVC-U profile, including Planitherm Total+ glass, Argon gas filled sealed units, composite spacer bars and thermal reinforcing.  All of these options can team up from a variety of manufacturers to deliver thermal U-values that cannot be beaten by traditional double glass pane arrangements.

Why is three better? Triple glazed windows offer the maximum performance available in terms of thermal efficiency. The three panes significantly reduce the heat loss that can escape through to the outer pane. By filling the pane recess with Argon gas, the heat loss is reduced through each pane as heat does not transfer well through the gas.

In terms of energy efficiency and value for money, triple glazing far exceeds other comparable methods such as insulation or cavity wall insulation. The added benefits include making a home more comfortable and affordable. Triple glazing windows are not dictated by one size , shape or style as the triple glazing technology will fit into any of the popular window design configurations available today.